What's New?

What’s new for the week of January 08?

Adult non-fiction and fiction
The lost art of reading : Ulin, David L. 028.9 ULI
The secret life of lobsters : Corson, Trevor. 595.384 COR
A guide to observing insect lives / Stokes, Donald W. 595.7 STO
Journey to the ants : Holldobler, Bert, 595.796 HOL
National Audubon Society field guide to tropical marine fishes of the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, the Bahamas, and Bermuda / Smith, C. Lavett, 597.177 SMI
Snake / Mattison, Christopher. 597.96 MAT
Bird : 598 NAT
Where the birds are : 598.0723 BRO
Bird watcher’s bible : 598.07234 ALD
Birds of southern South America and Antarctica / Pena, Martin Rodolfo de la, 598.08 PEN
The Sibley guide to bird life & behavior / Sibley, David, 598.097 SIB
Stokes field guide to birds. Stokes, Donald W. 598.2978 STO
Pete Dunne on bird watching : Dunne, Pete, 598/.07234 DUN
Eastern chipmunks : Wishner, Lawrence Arndt. 599.32 W81
Planet without apes / Stanford, Craig B. 599.88 STA
Meet me in the bathroom : Goodman, Elizabeth, 781.66 GOO
Nature journaling : Leslie, Clare Walker. 808.06 LES
Let Trump be Trump : Lewandowski, Corey R., 973.932 LEW
The power : Alderman, Naomi, ALD
In the time of the butterflies / Alvarez, Julia. ALV
The lake, the river & the other lake / Amick, Steve. AMI
Mrs. Osmond : Banville, John, BAN
Origin : Brown, Dan, BRO
Tom Clancy power and empire / Cameron, Marc, CLA
Typhoon fury : Cussler, Clive, CUS
Future home of the living god : Erdrich, Louise, ERD
Wickett’s remedy : Goldberg, Myla. GOL
The long night of white chickens / Goldman, Francisco. GOL
Carter beats the Devil : Gold, Glen David, GOL
Pen pals / Goldsmith, Olivia. GOL
The slow way back : Goldman, Judy GOL
The edge of heaven / Golden, Marita. GOL
The divine husband : Goldman, Francisco. GOL
36 arguments for the existence of God : Goldstein, Rebecca, GOL
Rosalind : Goldberg, Myra, GOL
Rites of passage. Golding, William, GOL
Benjamin’s gift / Golding, Michael. GOL
The false friend : Goldberg, Myla. GOL
Lucy : Gonzales, Laurence, GON
The lake of dead languages / Goodman, Carol. GOO
The second silence / Goudge, Eileen. GOU
The lieutenant / Grenville, Kate, GRE
31 Bond Street : Horan, Ellen, HOR
White tears / Kunzru, Hari, KUN
The saboteur : Kix, Paul, LARGE PRINT 940.53 KIX
Wayward / Crouch, Blake LARGE PRINT CRO
The rules of magic / Hoffman, Alice, LARGE PRINT HOF
The blackbird season / Moretti, Kate LARGE PRINT MOR
Lilac lane / Woods, Sherryl LARGE PRINT WOO
Bluebird, bluebird : Locke, Attica, LOC
Among the mad : Winspear, Jacqueline, MYS
Minds of winter / O’Loughlin, Ed, OLO
Unbound : Woods, Stuart, CD WOO
An American in Paris DVD AMER
Dogville / DVD DOGV
Dunkirk : DVD DUNK
Girls trip / DVD GIRL
The hitman’s bodyguard / DVD HITM
Logan lucky / DVD LOGA
Santa Claus is comin’ to town / DVD SANT
Scrooge / DVD SCRO
Stronger / DVD STRO
Juvenile and young adult
Changes for Kaya : Shaw, Janet Beeler, J AME
Wonder / Palacio, R. J. J PAL
The Eagle’s Quill / Thomson, Sarah L, J THO
The storm whale / Davies, Benji, JJ DAV
Horrible bear! / Dyckman, Ame, JJ DYC
In the middle of fall / Henkes, Kevin, JJ HEN
If you ever want to bring a circus to the library, don’t! / Parsley, Elise, JJ PAR
Pick a pine tree / Toht, Patricia, JJ TOH
Hour of the bees / Eagar, Lindsay, YA EAG
Paper towns / Green, John, YA GRE
The stars beneath our feet / Moore, David Barclay, YA MOO