What's New?

What’s new for the week of August 14?


Adult non-fiction and fiction
The one device : Merchant, Brian, 004.1675 MER
Birds in fall Book Group Tote / Kessler, Brad 1 tote / 6 copies of book
On death & dying : Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth. 155.937 KUB
The color of law : Rothstein, Richard, 305.8 ROT
Queer, there, and everywhere : Prager, Sarah, 306.766 PRA
Divorce after 50 : Green, Janice, 306.89 GRE
How to kill a city : Moskowitz, Peter, 307.3362 MOS
Conscience of a conservative : Flake, Jeff, 320.52 FLA
On tyranny : Snyder, Timothy, 321.9 SNY
Devil’s bargain : Green, Joshua, 324.973 GRE
The end of loyalty : Wartzman, Rick, 331.7 WAR
Little princes : Grennan, Conor 362.732 GRE
Locked in : Pfaff, John F., 365.973 PFA
A crack in creation : Doudna, Jennifer A., 576.5 STE
Pocket guide to the wildflowers of North America / Howell, Catherine Herbert, 582.13 HOW
On edge : Petersen, Andrea, 616.8522 PET
Simple : Mallet, Jean-François, 641.512 MAL
Food swings : Seinfeld, Jessica, 641.52 SEI
Green plate special : Rudalevige, Christine Burns, 641.552 RUD
The repurposed library : Occhipinti, Lisa. 745.5 OCC
Brush lettering Dean, Peggy. 745.61 DEA
Wild things : Handy, Bruce, 809.89 HAN
Would everybody please stop? : Allen, Jenny, 818.6 ALL
Jane Austen at home / Worsley, Lucy, 92 AUS
The strange death of Europe : Murray, Douglas J., 940.56 MUR
Churchill and Orwell : Ricks, Thomas E., 941.084 RIC
Egypt / Dunford, Jane. 962.056 DUN 2015
The child / Barton, Fiona, BAR
The windfall : Basu, Diksha, BAS
It’s always the husband / Campbell, Michele, CAM
Coup d’état / Coes, Ben. COE
Trap the devil / Coes, Ben, COE
After the fall : Cohen, Julie, COH
A game of ghosts / Connolly, John, CON
The late show / Connelly, Michael, CON
Knife Creek / Doiron, Paul, DOI
Dangerous minds / Evanovich, Janet, EVA
Deadfall / Fairstein, Linda A., FAI
The switch : Finder, Joseph, FIN
Same beach, next year : Frank, Dorothea Benton, FRA
Quiet until the thaw / Fuller, Alexandra, FUL
The Sunshine sisters / Green, Jane, GRE
Three sisters, three queens / Gregory, Philippa, GRE
Camino Island / Grisham, John, GRI
Standard deviation / Heiny, Katherine, HEI
The identicals : Hilderbrand, Elin, HIL
The identicals : Hilderbrand, Elin, HIL
The shell : Khalīfah, Muṣṭafá, KHA
The baker’s secret / Kiernan, Stephen P., KIE
The leavers : Ko, Lisa, KO
Satellite people / Lahlum, Hans Olav, LAH
Strong cold dead / Land, Jon, LAN
A house among the trees / Glass, Julia, LARGE PRINT GLA
Into the water / Hawkins, Paula, LARGE PRINT HAW
The best of Adam Sharp / Simsion, Graeme C., LARGE PRINT SIM
A little more human : Maazel, Fiona, MAA
Do not become alarmed / Meloy, Maile, MEL
The girl in green / Miller, Derek B., MIL
Once upon a spine / Carlisle, Kate, MYS
Cruel winter : Connolly, Sheila, MYS
Paradise valley / Box, C. J., MYS
Desolation Flats / Hunt, Andrew E., MYS
What my body remembers / Friis, Agnete, MYS
Lockdown : King, Laurie R., MYS
Shiver hitch / Greenlaw, Linda, MYS
Murder games / Patterson, James, PAT
16th seduction / Patterson, James, PAT
Persuader : Child, Lee. PBK
Long upon the land / Maron, Margaret, PBK MYS
Mrs. Fletcher : Perrotta, Tom, PER
The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo : Reid, Taylor Jenkins, REI
The heirs : Rieger, Susan, RIE
Come sundown / Roberts, Nora, ROB
Final girls : Sager, Riley, SAG
No one can pronounce my name : Satyal, Rakesh, SAT
South Pole Station : Shelby, Ashley, SHE
Beneath a scarlet sky : Sullivan, Mark T. SUL
Chemistry : Wang, Weike, WAN
The lying game / Ware, Ruth, WAR
The garden of small beginnings / Waxman, Abbi, WAX
Cocoa Beach / Williams, Beatriz, WIL
Barely legal : Woods, Stuart, WOO
Magpie murders / Horowitz, Anthony, CD HOR
The handmaid’s tale / Atwood, Margaret, CD ATW
Knife Creek / Doiron, Paul, CD DOI
Camino Island / Grisham, John, CD GRI
Secrets in summer / Thayer, Nancy, CD THAY
Les invasions barbares = DVD BARB
The fate of the furious / DVD FATE
Get out / DVD GETO
Going in style / DVD GOIN
A hole in the head / DVD HOLE
Jurassic Park / DVD JURA
Jurassic Park III / DVD JURA
One, two, three / DVD ONE
The red turtle / DVD REDT
Sergeant York / DVD SERG
The Sicilian Clan DVD SICI
The starter wife / DVD STAR
Tommy’s honour / DVD TOMM
Victoria. DVD VICT
Juvenile, Young adult, and Graphic novels
Grandpa’s great escape / Walliams, David, J CD WIL
All rise for the honorable Perry T. Cook / Connor, Leslie, JCD CON
Payback / Korman, Gordon, JCD KOR
Shark lady : Keating, Jess, JJ 92 KEA
One day in the eucalyptus, eucalyptus tree / Bernstrom, Daniel, JJ BER
Woodpecker wants a waffle / Breen, Steve, JJ BRE
Grandad’s island / Davies, Benji, JJ DAV
Everyone loves Bacon / DiPucchio, Kelly. JJ DIP
Halfway wild / Freudig, Laura, JJ FRE
Swap! / Light, Steve, JJ LIG
The summer Nick taught his cats to read / Manley, Curtis, JJ MAN
Whoops! / Moore, Suzi JJ MOO
Bird, balloon, Bear / Na, Il Sung, JJ NA
We’re all wonders / Palacio, R. J., JJ PAL
Madeline Finn and the library dog / Papp, Lisa, JJ PAP
Dragons love tacos 2 : Rubin, Adam, JJ RUB
Life / Rylant, Cynthia, JJ RYL
Go ask Alice / YA ANO
Gemina / Kaufman, Amie, YA KAU
Illuminae / Kaufman, Amie, YA KAU
Hideout / Key, Watt, YA KEY
Crazy house / Patterson, James, YA PAT
Real friends / Hale, Shannon, GN HAL
Babymouse. Holm, Jennifer L. GN HOL
Cleopatra in space. Maihack, Mike, GN MAI
Baby-sitter’s Club. Telgemeier, Raina, GN MAR
Unicorn crossing : Simpson, Dana, GN SIM
Razzle Dazzle Unicorn : Simpson, Dana, GN SIM
Unicorn vs. goblins : Simpson, Dana, GN SIM
Nnewts. TenNapel, Doug, GN TEN