What's New?

What’s new for the week of June 19?


Adult non-fiction and fiction
The vanishing American adult : Sasse, Benjamin E., 305.24 SAS
Democracy : Rice, Condoleezza, 321.8 RIC
A pope and a president : Kengor, Paul, 327.73 KEN
Inside the dementia epidemic : Stettinius, Martha, 362.196 STE
The new Jim Crow : Alexander, Michelle. 364.973 ALE
The creative cottage / Gross, Steve, 747.88 GRO
Paddling Southern Maine : Moore, Sandy, 917.411 MOO
Sycamore : Chancellor, Bryn, CHA
Knife Creek / Doiron, Paul, DOI
Grief Cottage : Godwin, Gail, GOD
Camino Island / Grisham, John, GRI
Defectors : Kanon, Joseph, KAN
Anything is possible / Strout, Elizabeth, LARGE PRINT STR
House of names / Tóibín, Colm, LARGE PRINT TOI
A game of thrones/bk 1 Martin, George R. R. PBK SCI-FI
The ministry of utmost happiness / Roy, Arundhati, ROY
House of names : Tóibín, Colm, TOI
Indecent exposure / Woods, Stuart, WOO
Juvenile, YA, and Graphic novels
John Lincoln Clem : Abbott, E. F., J ABB
Trapped / Bodeen, S. A. J BOD
The kidnap plot / Butler, Dave, J BUT
Royal wedding disaster / Cabot, Meg, J CAB
Rumble of the coaster ghost / Cummings, Troy, J CUM
What elephants know / Dinerstein, Eric, J DIN
The secret destiny of Pixie Piper / Fisher, Annabelle, J FIS
This is not the Abby show / Fischer, Debbie Reed, J FIS
Applesauce weather / Frost, Helen, J FRO
The Ghastly McNastys : Gardner, Lyn, J GAR
Smashie McPerter and the mystery of the missing goop / Griffin, N., J GRI
The underdogs / Hammel, Sara, J HAM
Jack and the snackstalk / Jones, Noah J JON
Amina’s voice / Khan, Hena, J KHA
The infamous Ratsos / LaReau, Kara, J LAR
A long pitch home / Lorenzi, Natalie Dias, J LOR
Pete Milano’s guide to being a movie star / Greenwald, Tom, J MIL
The secret of Goldenrod / O’Reilly, Jane H., J ORE
Ms. Rapscott’s girls / Primavera, Elise, J PRI
The trouble with twins / Siebel, Kathryn, J SIE
Orphan Island / Snyder, Laurel, J SNY
The burning tide / Auxier, Jonathan, J SPI
The race against time : Stilton, Geronimo, J STI
Mission hurricane / Goebel, Jenny, J THI
Behind the canvas / Vance, Alexander P. J VAN
The secret life of Lincoln Jones / Van Draanen, Wendelin, J WEN
Little house on the prairie Wilder, Laura Ingalls J WIL
Farmer boy / Wilder, Laura Ingalls, J WIL
On the banks of Plum Creek / Wilder, Laura Ingalls, J WIL
By the shores of Silver Lake / Wilder, Laura Ingalls J WIL
Little town on the prairie / Wilder, Laura Ingalls J WIL
The long winter Wilder, Laura Ingalls J WIL
These happy golden years Wilder, Laura Ingalls J WIL
The first four years Wilder, Laura Ingalls J WIL
Digging for dinos / Young, Jessica J YOU
The slowest book ever / Sayre, April Pulley. J031.02 SAY
Gris Grimly’s tales from the brothers Grimm : Grimm, Jacob, J398.2 GRI
Hillary Rodham Clinton : Levinson, Cynthia, J92 CLI
This kid can fly : Philip, Aaron, J92 PHI
Dr. Seuss : Klimo, Kate, J92 SEU
Lost in the Pacific, 1942 : Olson, Tod, J940.544 OLS
Around america to win the vote : Rockliff, Mara, JJ 300 ROC
Hillary Rodham Clinton : Markel, Michelle, JJ 92 MAR
I’ll wait, Mr. Panda / Antony, Steve, JJ ANT
Iggy Peck, architect / Beaty, Andrea. JJ BEA
King Baby / Beaton, Kate, JJ BEA
The grizzly bear who lost his grrrrr! / Biddulph, Rob, JJ BID
Ninja! attack of the clan / Chung, Arree, JJ CHU
Pokémon the series. Barbo, Maria S., JJ EASY BAR
This Orq : Elliott, David, JJ ELL
The teeny-tiny woman : Galdone, Paul. JJ GAL
How to dress a dragon / Godin, Thelma Lynne, JJ GOD
Tiger and badger / Jenkins, Emily, JJ JEN
Skip to the loo, my darling! : Lloyd-Jones, Sally, JJ LLO
A perfect day / Smith, Lane, JJ SMI
Hattie & Hudson / Van Dusen, Chris, JJ VAN
I am a story / Yaccarino, Dan, JJ YAC
The width of the world : Baldacci, David, YA BAL
Always and forever, Lara Jean / Han, Jenny, YA HAN
The dirt bike detective / Hoover, Douglas L. YA HOO
The dark prophecy / Riordan, Rick, YA RIO
The emperor’s horn : Murray, Jordan R. YPB MUR
Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone / Rowling, J. K. YPB ROW
Life on Mars / Carson, Mary Kay, EASY 500 CAR
Encyclopedias Brown and White : Amend, Bill. GN AME
Bird & Squirrel on fire / Burks, James GN BUR
Garfield, bigger and better / Davis, Jim, GN DAV
Garfield feeds the kitty / Davis, Jim, GN DAV
Bird boy. Szabla, Anne, GN SZA
Columbus Circle DVD COLU
Dark victory. DVD DARK
Monsters, Inc. / DVD MONS
Time bandits / DVD TIME
What ever happened to Baby Jane? / DVD WHAT