What's New?

What’s new for the week of October 16?


Adult non-fiction and fiction
Unbelievable : Tur, Katy, 324.973 TUR
Notes on a foreign country : Hansen, Suzy, 327.73 HAN
Being Mortal : Gawande, Atul, 362.175 GAW
American fire : Hesse, Monica, 364.1642 HES
The whole30 : Hartwig, Melissa. 613.2 HAR
The woman who smashed codes : Fagone, Jason, 652.8 FAG
Open house : Pays, Amanda, 747 PAY
Kirk and Anne : Douglas, Kirk, 791.43 DOU
No barriers : Weihenmayer, Erik, 797.1224 WEI
Vinyl Cafe diaries / McLean, Stuart, 813 McLEA
Grant / Chernow, Ron, 92 GRA
My lost brothers : McDonough, Brendan, 92 MCD
Playing hurt : Saunders, John, 92 SAU
Scalia speaks : Scalia, Antonin, 92 SCA
Unstoppable : Sharapova, Maria, 92 SHA
The Riviera set : Lovell, Mary S, 944.94 LOV
The republic for which it stands : White, Richard, 973.8 WHI
We were eight years in power : Coates, Ta-Nehisi, 973.932 COA
Thanks, Obama : Litt, David, 973.932 LIT
One nation after Trump : Dionne, E. J, 973.933 DIO
The dawn of Detroit : Miles, Tiya, 977.434 MIL
The mothers : Bennett, Brit, BEN
Don’t let go / Coben, Harlan, COB
Enigma / Coulter, Catherine, COU
The one-eyed man / Currie, Ron, CUR
The Romanov ransom / Cussler, Clive, CUS
Manhattan Beach : Egan, Jennifer, EGA
Dinner at the center of the earth / Englander, Nathan, ENG
Enemy of the state / Mills, Kyle, FLY
Swing it, Sunny! / Holm, Jennifer L., GN HOL
Ghostopolis / TenNapel, Doug. GN TEN
Graveyard shakes / Terry, Laura, GN TER
Exit West : Hamid, Mohsin, HAM
The world of tomorrow / Mathews, Brendan, MAT
North Haven : Moriarty, Sarah, MOR
A casualty of war / Todd, Charles, MYS
Glass houses / Penny, Louise, MYS
Secrets in death / Robb, J. D., MYS
Haunted / Patterson, James, PAT
The lightkeeper’s daughters : Pendziwol, Jean, PEN
The marriage pact : Richmond, Michelle, RIC
Goodnight from London : Robson, Jennifer, ROB
Dunbar / St. Aubyn, Edward, STA
Prisoners in the pyramid / Surget, Alain, STU
Sing, unburied, sing : Ward, Jesmyn, WAR
Uncommon Type (CD) Hanks, Tom. CD 813.6 HAN
Origin : Brown, Dan, CD BRO
The Cuban affair : DeMille, Nelson. CD DeMIL
The girl who takes an eye for an eye / Lagercrantz, David, CD LAG
Glass houses / Penny, Louise, CD PEN
A gentleman in Moscow Towles, Amor, CD TOW
Voyage of the damned Blu-ray VOYA
Bleak House DVD BLEA
Koroshi no rakuin (Branded to Kill) DVD BRAN
House of cards. DVD HOUS
Ordinary people / DVD ORD
Rick Steves’ Europe. DVD RICK
Il sorpasso / DVD SORP
Una giornata particolare (A Special Day) DVD SPEC
Voyage of the damned DVD VOYA
A walk to beautiful / DVD WALK
Juvenile and young adult
The best bad luck I ever had / Levine, Kristin J LEV
Return to Groosham Grange : Horowitz, Anthony, JPB HOR
Night of the Ninjas / Osborne, Mary Pope. JPB OSB
Louise Trapeze can so save the day / Ostow, Micol, JPB OST
Danger at the circus! / Surget, Alain, JPB SUR
In a blink / Thorpe, Kiki. JPB THO
Shifty business / Trine, Greg, JPB TRI
All paws on deck / Young, Jessica JPB YOU
Before the devil breaks you : Bray, Libba, YA BRA
The Axe of Sundering / Forman, Mark, YA FOR
Spy School secret service : Gibbs, Stuart, YA GIB
Turtles all the way down / Green, John, YA GRE
Heroes & villains / YA GUY