What's New?

What’s new for the week of July 9?

Adult non-fiction and fiction
Little princes : Grennan, Conor 362.732 GRE
Born to run : McDougall, Christopher 796.42 McDOU
An American marriage : Jones, Tayari, JON
Acceptable risk. DVD ACCE
Blue planet II : DVD BLUE
Death wish (Bruce Willis) / DVD DEAT
I can only imagine / DVD ICAN
Iron Man 3 / DVD IRON
I, Tonya / DVD ITON
Justice League / DVD JUST
Juvenile, YA, and graphic novels
Ivy and Bean and the ghost that had to go / Barrows, Annie J BAR
Lucy and the rocket dog / Buckingham, Will, J BUC
The Losers Club / Clements, Andrew, J CLE
Pixie Piper and the matter of the batter / Fisher, Annabelle, J FIS
Mallory on the move / Friedman, Laurie B., J FRI
Back to school, Mallory / Friedman, Laurie B., J FRI
Hermes and the horse with wings / West, Tracey, J HOL
Not so normal Norbert / Patterson, James, J PAT
Big Nate flips out / Peirce, Lincoln, J PEI
Big Nate strikes again / Peirce, Lincoln J PEI
The Long-lost home / Wood, Maryrose, J WOO
Give bees a chance / Barton, Bethany, JJ 500 BAR
Grandma’s purse / Brantley-Newton, Vanessa, JJ BRA
Love / de la Peña, Matt, JJ DEL
Elmore / Hobbie, Holly, JJ HOB
I am Birch / Kelley, Scott, JJ KEL
The digger and the flower / Kuefler, Joseph, JJ KUE
The big bed / Laditan, Bunmi, JJ LAD
Wordy birdy / Sauer, Tammi, JJ SAU
Hello hello / Wenzel, Brendan, JJ WEN
What do you do with a chance? / Yamada, Kobi. JJ YAM
Then there were five / Enright, Elizabeth, JPB ENR
Crius and the night of fright / Holub, Joan, JPB HOL
Cronus and the threads of dread / Holub, Joan, JPB HOL
Hephaestus and the island of terror / Holub, Joan. JPB HOL
The Fenway foul-up / Kelly, David A. JPB KEL
Let’s get cracking! / Marko, Cyndi, JPB MAR
The birdy snatchers / Marko, Cyndi, JPB MAR
Heroes on the side / Marko, Cyndi. JPB MAR
Picture day / Nees, Susan. JPB NEE
Class pets / Nees, Susan. JPB NEE
School play / Nees, Susan, JPB NEE
Field trip / Nees, Susan, JPB NEE
Knot too shabby! / Taylor, Chloe, JPB TAY
A tangled thread / Taylor, Chloe. JPB TAY
Waking the rainbow dragon / West, Tracey, JPB WES
Waking the rainbow dragon / West, Tracey, JPB WES
War storm / Aveyard, Victoria. YA AVE
No parking at the end times / Bliss, Bryan, YA BLI
We’ll fly away / Bliss, Bryan, YA BLI
Halt’s peril / Flanagan, John YA FLA
The golden compass : Pullman, Philip, YA GN PUL
Marco Polo : Tabilio, Marco, YA GN TAB
Turtles all the way down / Green, John, YA GRE
The game of hope / Gulland, Sandra, YA GUL
Fugitive six / Lore, Pittacus, YA LOR
The extra yard / Lupica, Mike, YA LUP
One of us is lying / McManus, Karen M., YA McMAN
Broken circle / Powers, J. L. YA POW
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire / Rowling, J. K. YA ROW
Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone / Rowling, J. K. YA ROW
Scythe / Shusterman, Neal, YA SHU
Thunderhead / Shusterman, Neal, YA SHU
The lost continent / Sutherland, Tui, YA SUT
Code name Verity / Wein, Elizabeth, YACD WEI
CatStronauts : Brockington, Drew, GN BRO
CatStronauts : Brockington, Drew, GN BRO
Older than dirt : Brown, Don, GN BRO
Cici’s journal : Chamblain, Joris, GN CHA
Treaties, trenches, mud, and blood / Hale, Nathan, GN HAL
Raid of no return : Hale, Nathan, GN HAL
Compass south / Larson, Hope, GN LAR
Knife’s edge / Larson, Hope. GN LAR
The bridge : Tomasi, Peter, GN TOM
Hilo : Winick, Judd, GN WIN
Hilo : Winick, Judd, GN WIN