Renovation Project

Renovation Project

Libraries have changed dramatically since 1905 in both the services they provide and the level of technology needed to support them. This renovation will update our building to meet the needs of the next century–whatever they may be.

The first phase of our proposed renovation project will open the third floor for programming and public use. Book groups, poetry groups, art blabs and other program will be able to use the turn-of-the-century space for meetings and presentations.


 The third floor features original oak details and furniture from 1905.


The Trustees’ Room with the Trustees’ Table.

Unfortunately, the library has original wiring from 1905 and no sprinkler system and needs other updates as well before we can take advantage of this lovely space.


mml-campaign-appeal3The second phase of the renovation will refurbish the second and third floors, to bring them up to current standards for fire code, safety, and ADA. A covered entryway will offer a place to gather and a safe way to enter the building.

A third phase, taking place in 2016, will build out the storage attic now used by the Yarmouth Historical Society.

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First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan