Strategic Plan - FY 2017 to 2021

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Trustees are delighted to present the Merrill Memorial Library Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2017-2021.   The summary may be found here.

As you are aware, it has been a busy few years for the library. In 2013, after many years in situ, the Historical Society decided to vacate the third floor. They had outgrown the space and opted to move into the Water District Building on East Elm Street, freeing up the third floor in the process. This was clearly a wonderful opportunity, and the Library Director and Trustees were eager to expand into this beautiful (if faded) space.

Much work had to be done before this dream could be turned into reality, and the Trustees sprang into action. Money was needed, and we initiated a capital campaign to pay for the necessary work.  This campaign was ably led by then-Board President Gro Flatebo, and we all owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for her sterling efforts. The citizens of Yarmouth voted overwhelmingly at referendum to float a $1.5 million bond to help pay for the project and public fundraising generated in excess of $1 million more. Thanks to everyone who gave so generously. The response to the renovation has been overwhelmingly positive, and there is universal agreement that the library looks beautiful. I am pleased to add that an additional plaudit has recently come our way: the library is the recipient of Greater Portland Landmarks’ 2016 Preservation Award.

Given all the changes that have occurred at the library over the last few years, and with the renovation finished, the Trustees thought it time to embark on a Strategic Plan to help guide us through the next five years. The intent was to ascertain how we can better serve our community, help meet the needs of all our patrons and embrace the changing role that libraries play in modern society. An additional goal was to clarify and define the position of the Trustees going forward.

Great thanks are owed to all the committee members who gave so freely of their time and talents, and to everyone
who provided feedback or came to a focus group or meeting. The input was extraordinary and, as expected, we
discovered that Yarmouth does indeed love its library!
Yours sincerely,
Philip Jones
Trustee President

Library Trustees:
Philip Jones, President; Patricia Ramsay, Vice President;
Michael Shay, Treasurer; Emily Jones and Joan Dollarhite, Co-Secretaries;
Robin Oxenhorn; Charlie Sawyer; Library Sexton: Tom Reinsborough